Thursday, August 27, 2009

We have a crawler/walker!

Gillian is wasting no time in exploring the house. She has now perfected the art of crawling around and pulling herself up on things. Her best time in the stair climb is 18.3 seconds. We'll keep training with her. She's also working on walking. She can stand by herself (she giggles when she stands for a long time, she's so proud of herself) and takes a few steps before crashing to the ground. It looks hilarious because she's so tiny.
Her new favorite thing to to is un-organize the house. If there is a stack of something, she makes sure to tear it down. Magnets on the fridge? Don't worry, she's on it. Magazines on a shelf... not for long. Pens in a cup...not to fear, she'll have those out of there in no time! It cracks me up, I just follow her around and watch the destruction. I'm sure one day she'll learn how to put everything away.
Needless to say, we've taken a lot of video of her new accomplishments. Check out her VIDEOS HERE. There are also many pictures. Check out her PICTURES HERE.

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Day Family said...

Oh man, she's even cuter on video. The boys and I are watching them and loving it. Tyler is whispering to Gillian saying,"Hey Darlin'" and then proceeds to get mad when she doesn't talk back to him. I think he thinks we are on Skype. We love you guys.
Kristi Mike and the Boys