Monday, May 3, 2010

First Race

Erica is not one to brag about herself </sarcasm> so I figured I would take it on myself to tell you about her first race.

We went to a small race in Nampa so that I could score an easy victory, stroke my ego, impress the locals, and claim some sweet prizes ($35 gift card and some socks).

That part of the plan worked flawlessly. With about half a mile left, I put it into high gear for about 30 seconds and the two kids who were probably still thinking that they had a chance to win didn't even know how to respond. One of them made a feeble attempt to catch up but the damage was already done and I cruised across the line with a comfortable 10 second lead.

The real story, however, was that Erica ran (and placed) in her first race ever. Since I was going to be running a 5 k, Erica decided that she could just run the 1 mile race rather than just sitting there waiting for me.

So she signed up and they gave her bib number 1. I don't think I have ever ran with bib number 1, even when I am defending champion and rightfully deserve it. Not only that, but she proceeded to take 3rd place in the women's division while pushing Gillian in a stroller!

Not a bad result for a first race.

Team Hulbert dominated the podium that day.